Turbo Lite Cabin Tent: Pitching and Pack-Down Instructions

Turbo Lite Cabin Tent: Pitching and Pack-Down Instructions


  • Choose a flat site, clear of any sharp sticks or objects. Unclip the strap from around the tent, stand the bundle on its end and unclip the top strap that holds the frame and poles together. Unfold the legs and align the doors to the front.
  • Extend the roof poles attached to the corner legs until the spring button locks into place. The roof poles will only extend smoothly if all the leg pole sections are aligned. Straighten the lower legs of the frame and the lower knuckles will lock. Pull the corners out so the floor is flat, close the front door and peg the corners (please ensure you complete this step prior to pitching).
  • Open the front door, step inside the tent to lift the centre hub and pop the frame into place. Unroll the fly making sure the awning is at the front, and pull it over the frame. Clip the corners of the fly to the matching clips on the feet. Using the velcro loops, secure it to the frame and peg the corners.
  • Assemble and extend the awning Ridge Pole and three-part Awning Pole. Place the curved spigot of the Ridge Pole in the hole in the front of the hub under the awning.
  • Thread the spigot of the awning pole through the hole in the awning roof pole, and the eyelet in the centre front of the awning. Extend the Ridge Pole until the fly is taut. Extend the two-part awning poles and thread through the spigots at the corner eyelets.
  • Unravel and peg the guy ropes, then adjust to make the tent taut.


  • Unpeg the guy ropes, remove the awning poles and collapse for packing. Unclip the feet and remove the fly from inside the tent. Pull down the handle in the centre of the roof, using your other hand to catch the frame as it pops down.
  • Lower the centre of the tent to the ground and step outside. Press the button on the lower knuckles of the leg poles to release, then release the spring buttons on the four corner roof poles and slide to shorten.
  • Fold the leg poles to the centre of the tent. Thread the webbing loop over the knuckles, strap the bundle and lay it down. Organise the floor as flat as possible. Fold to one side then roll the tent tightly around the poles, then secure with the strap.
  • The poles and pegs go in the bag first followed by the tent and fly.

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