The BlackWolf Warranty

At BlackWolf, we take great pride in the knowledge that we design our adventure gear with high quality and durable fabrics, hardware and a high level of attention to detail. It's important to us you get the most out of using our products and enjoying your time outdoors.

Sometimes we may get it wrong, so our promise to you is we will resolve it if it’s not up to our standards. If you want to make a warranty claim, please complete the form further down on this page - 'Warranty Request'.

For a general overview, you can check out our BlackWolf warranty promises for each product:

Packs and Luggage - Limited Lifetime

Sleeping bags - Limited Lifetime

Mats and Pillows - Limited Lifetime

Furniture - Limited Lifetime

Tents, Shelters and Swags - 3 years

Coolers  - 12 months

Can I register my BlackWolf product on your site?

If you've bought your BlackWolf gear direct from us on, then don't worry - your warranty is already registered with us!

If you have purchased your BlackWolf gear from a retailer, unfortunately you can't register your warranty on our site. We recommend you keep your receipt or proof of purchase safe, or see if the retailer has their own warranty registration.

We know that on our previous website (yep, we've upgraded!) there was a chance to register your warranty. If you did that, don't worry - we've kept your registration on hand.

What's not covered under warranty?

One of our favourite parts of adventures is embracing the extreme and taking on new challenges. It also means that your gear might come up against some natural wear and tear.

Maybe it’s your tent in a storm. A bag that’s travelled every continent. Or, a conveyer belt that’s a bit rough on your luggage.

When your gear or equipment has reached its lifetime through natural wear and tear, we’re unable to cover that under the BlackWolf warranty policy. Please not our warranty does not cover incorrect use or mishandling of the product.

What does a 'Limited Lifetime' mean?

We're sure you can appreciate that not everything lasts forever, however it should last for its intended purpose for a duration that exceeds most other brands.

Think of it like this - if a seam suddenly breaks open or a zipper fails on your backpack, we promise to sort it out.

However, it doesn’t cover wear and tear. Things like damage in transit by baggage handlers, storm damage that breaks a tent pole, or that the product has just worn out through excessive use, it's reached the end of its life.

What's the process to make a warranty claim?

Easy! We recommend you follow these steps to make the process as simple as possible:

Purchased from a retailer

(1) If you purchased your BlackWolf product from a retailer, either in-store or online, you can return your BlackWolf product to the retailer that was the initial place of purchase, with your proof of purchase (your receipt).

(2) We'll organise a BlackWolf product expert to assess the product at the store or have it returned to our team for further assessment.

(3) Once the assessment is completed, our BlackWolf product expert will pass on the details to the retailer and your retailer will contact you with the outcome.

Purchased online at

(1) If you purchased your BlackWolf product on, you can fill out the Returns Request form.

(2) A BlackWolf product expert will assess the product by the images you have supplied. If necessary, they may require the product to be returned to BlackWolf HQ for assessment (shipping is not covered by BlackWolf).

(3) Once the assessment is completed, BlackWolf will let you know about the outcome and what happens next depending on the outcome of the warranty claim.

Why do you need to inspect the product or see pictures?

When you make a warranty claim, we’ll usually ask us to send you pictures of the damage or take it to the store you bought it from and we’ll have a BlackWolf product expert come and check it out.

In most cases, this is just so we can assess the damage incurred and make a call on the best solution. In some cases, there’s the opportunity to repair the product (meaning it won’t end up in landfill!) and in some other occasions, we might have to make a full replacement.

Do you offer repairs under warranty?

You bet! In some warranty cases, there is the opportunity to repair your product where we are sure it will go back to functioning as it should. It also means your product won't end up in landfill (bonus!).

In these cases, we will refer your product to one of our Authorised BlackWolf Repairers.

If you are having your product repaired under warranty, BlackWolf will cover the cost of the repair and shipping.

Quick note from us: This form is only to make a warranty claim.

If you are looking to register your warranty, your BlackWolf product will be automatically registered if you purchased direct from BlackWolf online. If you purchased your BlackWolf gear from a retailer, just keep your receipt or proof of purchase safe, as they can't be registered online with us on the new site.

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