Summer Campsite Cooking Ideas

Summer Campsite Cooking Ideas

You've got the campsite set up and everyone is settling in for a big few days of outdoor adventure, now's the time to feed everyone! When you're camping you obviously don't have all the luxuries of home, but you can absolutely whip up some awesome breakfast, lunch and dinner options with ease! Here are our top picks for your summer camping adventures. 

One-pot penne bolognese

This quick and easy one-pot penne bolognese is the perfect way to get the family to eat their veggies! View the recipe from here

Chicken tacos with chargrilled corn

Make Friday night dinners tasty with these delicious and crunchy chicken tacos with chargrilled corn. Warning: they're so tasty, you'll need to make double the amount! View the recipe from here

BBQ chicken pasta salad

This super speedy chicken pasta salad with broccoli, asparagus and peas is the perfect solution for busy weeknights. View the recipe from here

Cheesy egg and bacon frittata

Great hot or cold with salad and potato wedges. View the recipe from here

One-pan lasagne

If you really love lasagne but don't want to wait hours and have a sink full of dishes then this recipe is for you. It has all the delicious flavours of lasagne but this recipe is quick and easy! View the recipe from here

Mini s'mores toast

This tasty twist on the traditional campfire treat looks so cute on a party platter and tastes like heaven. View the recipe from here

Baked eggs with beans

This is a simple take on the Jewish dish 'shakshuka' which bakes eggs in a tasty sauce of beans, chickpeas and tomatoes. Healthy, tasty and so more-ish. Give them a splash of chilli and squeeze of lime and you are good to go! View the recipe from here

Campfire French Toast 

You might think French toast is such a tedious dish to make on a camping trip, but think again! With this easy recipe, you can have this decadent dish in no time! View the recipe from here

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