Summer Camping Must-Haves!

Summer Camping Must-Haves!

The School Holidays are here, and for many of us, that means getting the tent, putting the kids in the car and heading off for a few weeks of camping! The best part of camping is needing very little gear to exist outdoors. But it’s also nice to have a comfortable, convenient and homey campsite.

If you have never gone camping before, there are a few things you will need to guarantee a fun and safe experience. 


  • If you want some extra wiggle room in your tent, you’ll want to select something that's a little larger in size. You may want to tape out the tent measurement on the ground and lay down within the measurements to see if you will fit comfortably.
  • Some tents you will only be able to sit in, while others (like our Turbo Tent) you can comfortably stand up in.
  • Even if you are camping in summer, you’ll want a strong, durable rainfly just in case the weather changes. 

Our Favourite Summer Camping Tents: 

Sleeping Bag

  • Remember to check what height your sleeping bag accommodates. You don’t want to be sticking out of the top!
  • Check the temperature rating. Sleeping bags are tested and rated as to what temperature they will keep you warm in.

Our Favourite Summer Camping Sleeping Bags: 


  • Your camping mattress will play two very important roles in getting a solid night's sleep in the great outdoors: cushioning and insulation. While it might seem like having a comfortable surface to sleep on is a mattress's most useful function, the ability to keep you warm throughout the night is often more important. 
  • When you’re not limited by size and weight, you can pick a thicker, larger mattress for a more comfortable snooze. 

Our Favourite Summer Camping Mattress: 


  • After a day of adventures away from camp or along the trail, you’ve earned a comfy place to perch yourself and relax. Pick up a comfortable and durable camping chair that will let you relax and enjoy some downtime. 

Our Favourite Summer Camping Furniture:

Extras we recommend: 

  • Headlamps are amazing! After sleeping essentials, a headlamp is one of our favourite camping gear essentials. With a headlamp, you continue to have a light source while also keeping your hands free! This makes setting up camp, prepping food, and going to the bathroom in the dark so much easier. Check out the range of Knog Headlamps here
  • Water-friendly footwear is a perfect way to make sure the kids don't step on anything that might hurt while playing in the water. KEEN offer an amazing range of water-friendly footwear for the trails through to the streams, so check out the huge range now. 


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