Introducing the Turbo BLK Range

Introducing the Turbo BLK Range

We are very pleased to introduce the new, premium Turbo BLK Tents. This new product suite will expand on the existing flagship Turbo Tent range and will provide customers with an innovative and long-lasting camping solution.

The BlackWolf design team have applied innovation and precise execution to elevate the flagship Turbo Tent range. We have introduced an intentional triple black PU-coating on the inner fly to reduce excessive heat, while also incorporating a full fly and a full mesh-panelled roof to improve circulation.

We are extremely proud of the strong design and durability of our original Turbo Tent range, so it was very important through this process that we retained the iconic features that make the original Turbo Tent so reliable and popular. In launching the new Turbo BLK range we have retained the very best of the original Turbo Tent while adding even more premium features” says Head of Product, Sara McNeill.

The main feature of the new Turbo BLK range is the three layers of premium black PU coating on the inner fly. The external layer works to reflect the light thanks to the neutral colour, while layers 2, 3 and 4 of the premium black PU coating absorb the light to reduce heat. Initial testing has shown that the Turbo BLK Tent is up to 10% cooler and up to 96% darker than the original Turbo Tent counterpart when tested in like conditions.

The BlackWolf Turbo BLK range also includes mesh panels on the roof of the tent inner to allow increased air circulation. These panels work in conjunction with the premium black PU coating on the fly, allowing warmer air to move out of the tent inner, offering a more comfortable camping experience.

At BlackWolf we continue to listen to our customers and partners to ensure we provide a premium range to the Outdoor industry. When reviewing our flagship Turbo Tent, the team have made purposeful and carefully considered feature inclusions that will allow campers to enjoy the outdoors more than ever before. Retaining the strength and integrity of the original Turbo Tent range was essential, something that the team have successfully achieved” says Guy Richards, Managing Director.

Crafted with expertise and designed with purpose, the bold new interior of the Turbo BLK tent range has redefined the rules and allows for a comfortable stay. The structure and design of the Turbo BLK tents are simultaneously timeless and ready for any adventure.

As an outdoor company, we are mindful to avoid any unnecessary impact on the environment. The Turbo BLK range will see a conscious change to the packaging, with the decision made to use recycled or recyclable materials.

The BlackWolf Turbo BLK Tent collection demands attention, showcasing strong bold features with new, innovative engineering. Customers will be able to purchase and enjoy the confidence of BlackWolf's boldest, strongest and most carefully considered Turbo Tent from November 2022. Pre-orders will be available from 20 October 2022 at and participating retailers.

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