Fun activities to try next time you're backyard camping

Backyard camping has always been a favourite activity to do with the family. Over the past year, it's become even more popular as we've stayed at home or holidays have been moved. 

We understand that it might feel like the "less exciting" holiday activity or Plan B when you can't travel. To keep backyard camping fun for the family, we've compiled some of our best ideas to enjoy next time you pop up the tent. 

Cool a whole meal over the fire

If you're used to just roasting marshmallows or s'mores, why not try your hand at something bigger? 

Or, get creative with your s'mores recipe including adding berries, cookies or drizzling chocolate sauce. 

Make something to remember the night

This idea was submitted from a member of the BlackWolf community and we love it! On their latest backyard camp, they organised a piece of blank canvas and paint to create a banner for their campsite. Along with naming it, they painted their hands and feet to leave a mark that they can keep a for a long time ahead.

Family carnival

There's plenty of easy games to be played in the backyard, with items you already have at home. We suggest: 

  • Egg and Spoon Race
  • Backyard Twister (you can see more here)
  • Tug of War
  • 20 Questions or Celebrity Heads
  • Beanbag Toss

Scavenger hunt in the backyard

We've already created a scavenger hunt for local walks but what about adapting ideas for the backyard? We're thinking native flowers, different types of insects, clouds in the sky and things starting with different letters. 

Tell new stories around the fire

There's lots of ways to get imaginative with story-telling. You can try Alphabet Prompts, where every new sentence in the story must start with the next letter of the alphabet. Or, try spotting some items around the backyard (a spider's web, ant's nest) and using it as inspiration for your next story. 

We hope you enjoy your next backyard outing! To help make your next Staycation possible, we've discounted our dome tents and you can take a look here.