The ultimate treasure hunt on your local walk

We might know our local suburbs and parks better than ever as we've kept closer to home. 

Maybe you've walked the same roads with your kids a few too many times... we're here to help! We've curated a treasure hunt list that you can take on your next family walk and even photograph along the way. 

Just to add a little bit more fun, we've created this downloadable list for your little ones to tick off as they discover. You can open it here

On your treasure hunt list

  • Native flower or plant
  • A yellow car
  • A cloud shaped like something funny
  • A numberplate with the letter J
  • A bird (one bonus point if it's native!)
  • Playground
  • Spider web
  • A bike or motorcycle
  • A mailbox
  • Brown or black door
  • Something triangle-shaped
  • Something starting with the letter of your first name

Thanks for playing! If you need to carry things along the way or keep yourself hydrated, check out our collection of packs and bags.

Treasure hunt list