Hexatherm Range

Our Hexatherm camping mats are designed to provide a thicker and more insulated support system when you're spending the night under the stars. Our unique foam technology and R-Value testing will make sure you stay comfortable through the night and your hips don’t end up on the ground in the morning. We have designed our camping mats so you feel supported throughout the night, regardless of your location.

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The Turbo Tent comes with a strong aluminium frame, tent inner and fly. You'll be ready to hit the road and sleep under the stars in no time!

The Turbo Tent range is well-known for its fast, easy set-up process. With a few simple steps, you'll have your strong Turbo Tent assembled and be relaxing by the campsite.

A 2.1m internal standing height means that you can say goodbye to crouching down as you walk through your tent. Being able to stand up comfortably inside the Turbo Tent provides an extra layer of luxury while you're away camping.

The Turbo Tent range features a strong aluminium internal frame which means that the structure of the tent will stand strong in most Australian conditions.

The durable structure of the tent means that you won't notice any significant impact should the wind pick up while you're away.

A Waterhead Rating is the measure of how water-resistant a tent material is. It measures how tall a column of water the fabric can hold before water starts to seep through the weave.

A rating of 5000mm means that our Turbo Tent canvas fabric could hold a column of water that is 5000mm tall. 5000mm of water has more pressure on the fabric than 2000mm of water. 

The higher the rating, the more water resistant the fabric is and the more water pressure it can withstand before it may leak.

A tent with a Waterhead rating of 5000mm is considered 'very waterproof' and made to protect in extreme weather.

The fabrications used across our canvas Turbo Tent range will provide you with a strong, weather-resistant camping experience.

The canvas is a thicker fabric and has a higher tensile strength. When combined with the strong aluminium frame, you can sleep soundly knowing the structure has been designed for the harsh Aussie conditions.

We have placed a tape seal along all internal seams to provide an additional layer of protection, just in case the weather turns and you experience some wet conditions.

Make your Turbo Tent your own with our huge range of Turbo Accessories. From side and front panels through to screen rooms and ground sheets, there are multiple options to make your camping experience truly unique.